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The Ask The Guitar Coach (ATGC) iOS application provides practicing guitarists with the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Electric guitar playing and learning.

All questions are submitted by the listeners/viewers, making this application a fun, convenient way to learn everything you wanted about electric guitar playing and have your own questions answered!

Ask The Guitar Coach Application

The perfect Electric guitar learning application! 

 Presented by Ioannis Anastassakis (program director of Elite Guitar Coaching), it gives you unrestricted access to over 500 guitar video podcasts, articles, instructional videos, audio tracks and many more guitar-related goodies!  

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What is Ask the Guitar Coach Podcast?


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Ask Guitar Coach podcast helps practicing electric guitar players find the definitive answers to hundreds of questions related to learnign and playing the electric guitar.

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Your OWN guitar questions answered by the "Coach of the Guitar Champions"

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