Videoclips by Elite Guitar Coaching Students

Sinnik - Alexithymia

Jim Skordilis - As Simple As That

Jim Nassios - Breathless

Tasos Asonitis - Divergent Steps

Panos F  - Barren Lands

George Emmanuel - LOST

Mikko - Train to Spinalonga

Theodore Kalatzakos - Echoing Chemical Reactions

George Dadalias - Morning Star (Vinnie Moore Cover)

About Elite Guitar Coaching - Student Testimonials

I heard about Ioannis many years ago. I was impressed by his unique biography, with all the studies and co-operations, with almost every single major name in contemporary electric and flamenco guitar world. I trusted him and his experience and I wasn’t wrong. He coached me at my music studies, and he helped me build my music industry network. Now, we collaborate on numerous musical projects, but most of all he is a really good friend, always eager to help and guide. I owe him a lot, not only career-wise but also personally. I am proud to be one of the first graduates of Elite Guitar Coaching and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone that wishes to develop their guitar abilities, their music creation skills and their understanding of the Music Business.


Our first meeting with Ioannis was an absolutely thrilling experience. I had been playing the classical guitar for about 18 years and electric guitar just as a hobby. Ioannis was the one who helped me expand my knowledge and evolve my electrical guitar technique. His coaching helped me achieve my goal – to become a professional, raise the standard of my guitar playing, to deepen my knowledge of modern music and to fill all the gaps I had in my musical knowledge. He’s an amazing teacher, with a great communicability and a true master of his instrument but what truly makes him stand out from anybody else is that he really cares about his students and always insists in bringing out the best of their ability.


Everyone calls Ioannis a great guitar coach, a guitar virtuoso and more… But I think of him as a guru of the guitar. I’ve been studying with Ioannis for two years and I literally cannot believe the knowledge that I have obtained and how far I’ve come in this period of time. The most important thing that I have learned with Ioannis as my coach is to keep my goals clear and how to effectively reach them in the easiest way!! I feel so grateful for this. Of course, his great playing full of passion, emotion and impeccable technique was the first reason which made me want to start lessons with him.


Ioannis is a unique music coach and a true virtuoso of the guitar. I have been fortunate to study with him for more than 2 years, during which he has shown me the most efficient ways to improve my playing and master every aspect of the guitar. He is my biggest influence in my playing and he helped me to be consistently reach my goals. I learned a very important lesson from him – that if you really try, you can fulfil your dreams, whatever they may be. Ioannis is also a superb composer, improviser and musician, an excellent guitarist with an amazing assortment of skills.


Through all the years of my apprenticeship, not only as guitarist, but as a musician in general, I’ve crossed paths with many exceptional teachers such as Ioannis and the truth is that there are many that can teach you how to play the guitar efficiently. But the attribute that makes him stand out and makes me proud to call myself his student after almost 2 years of collaboration, is that he can guide you thoroughly not only to the way of achieving the mastery of the instrument itself but to the way of being an utterly well-rounded professional, since he himself is at that level.


Ioannis is an exceptional coach and a true virtuoso of the guitar. During the 4 years I have been studying with him, he has always been able to show me the most efficient ways to break down and master every aspect of the electric guitar. It is from him that I have learned one of the most important lessons, that a musician keeps evolving throughout his entire life. A truly great contemporary guitarist, with amazing improvisational skills – he is definitely one of my biggest influences.


 started having lessons with Ioannis 3 years ago as I was looking for a professional coach to help me master contemporary electric guitar. Ioannis’ guitar coaching is accurately tailor-made to my own musical needs and desires and he continues to inspire me to get better day by day. I am really proud to be his student and am very grateful for the amazing opportunity to learn by a true virtuoso and the one and only “Coach of the Guitar Champions”!”


I have been studying Electric guitar with Ioannis for 4 years now, and I am continuously impressed by his extremely well rounded knowledge of the instrument in all of its aspects! His teaching technique focuses on identifying the student’s weak points and correcting them in the fastest and most efficient way. His unique style of playing and virtuosity make Ioannis one of the best contemporary guitar coaches!



“Ioannis has created a multi-lateral and exceptionally well structured educational material, including all modern sophisticated techniques and expression techniques, fingerboard language, up to music technology and ear training. Ioannis possesses in-depth knowledge of music and improvisation theory, as well as the ability to analyze most outstanding guitarists’ style and techniques. He has an amazing collection of studying material, which is provided to the student in both electronic and hard copy. Ioannis is very capable of maintaining the student’s motivation high as a kite, as well very able to identify and pinpoint the success mechanisms of the music industry on the whole. What is more, his guidance is unique for optimal preparation about music university entrance exams (RGT, GIT,etc). Ioannis is extremely helpful to the goal-setting and the design of the most effective practice routine for each student depending on his/her personal style. Vast range of custom-made exercises especially designed and targeted for each student’s needs.”


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About Student Testimonials for Elite Guitar Coaching

Studying with Ioannis is the best way to master your abilities on the electric guitar.Through the years that i have been working with him,i was able to learn and practice every weak spot of my guitar playing under Ioannis’s valuable guidance,the thing that surprises me the most about Ioannis Anastassakis is his ability of knowing where exactly does your guitar playing need help and where to focus on.His 25 years of experience and carrier is the best prove of his Coaching abilities. Ioannis is the man that you can surely rely on.


"I was playing guitar for two years but I hit a wall in my playing.then I found ioannis and started take lessons, from the first moment I saw a boost at my all guitar abilities.also I saw a big difference to my approach to the instrument , the music, my mindset and how I set my goals."



" First think I did when I decided to take my guitar playing seriously , was to search for a competitive guitar coach and Ioannis seemed the right one. Four years later, couldn't agree more with my choice! With his great teaching skills and guidance , I managed to get my skills to the level I wanted and even further, plus he provided solid advice about music business, which helped me to set my path for my musical career. I am really glad I took the opportunity to master the electric guitar with Ioannis and have this thrilling experience next to a true guitar virtuoso! "


Mr Ioannis Anastassakis has the ability to make things clear when everything is blur! I’m not referring only to music performance issues, but also career issues that emerge. His guidance on someone’s music career is crucial, if one has expectations to have a serious career in the music industry. His teaching is characterized by clarity, musicality, versatility and (of course), efficiency. Also, make sheck out his albums…you will be amazed by their diversity on styles and the overall musicianship!


I’ve been working with Ioannis for over 7 years now, counting more than 450 hrs of private tuition and at least 100 hrs more of attendance in his festivals and seminars all over Greece. I‘ve always had the highest expectations from people I paid to give me private lessons. I believe that experts can give you insight and illumination that could save you a lot of trouble and time. Ioannis Anastassakis surely cannot be summarized in a few lines. Having him as a tutor is a very strong shift in reality, while having him as a mentor is a clearly different level of awareness. Ioannis is always organized, consistent, respectful of our time, understanding (he calls that “permission to be human” ), but also very firm when appropriate, resourceful, abundant, willing and ambitious. Always aiming at the highest level possible. He’s the finest mentor I’ve ever found on ANY subject. Every passing year has been even more challenging in terms of knowledge acquisition, resource management and psychological techniques to keep me continuously motivated, happy and rockin’! For me, Ioannis is not a teacher. He’s not even a mentor. He’s a real GURU, and I wish there was any way for me to really explain to you just how good he is!


Ioannis has organized the lessons into different topics-categories. Each topic envolves a special guitar technique. Some of the topics are Alternate Picking, Sweep Picking, String Skipping , Tapping, Legato, Pick & Fingers, Chordal Picking and of course the Theory topic. The lessons in each topic are classified in different levels. They start from lower levels, progress to intermediate and finally to advanced level. His experience in teaching guitar, guides Ioannis to adjust the level of lessons to the corresponding level of the student. In ever topic, Ioannis marks the weak spots of the students in order to handle and ultimately fix them. The goal is fine tuning of every aspect of the technique. Ioannis always knows which is the next step. The management of all the stuff, lessons, exercises and knowledge of theory in detail, has always been the difficult aspect of self improvement. Ok, I have studied those alternate picking exercises but what is the next step? Where have I to go now? Ioannis is the expert to solve all those questions and save you time of involving into wrong stuff at the wrong moment. Improvisational ideas are developed with the student, usually by playing over backing tracks and analysing the stylistic requirements of the track. After all, guitar playing and personal development is a lifetime goal. You also have to work hard, be disciplined and consistent. After all, the more you put in the more you get out of it.


Elite Guitar Coaching - Student Testimonials

Whoever wants to learn some things about Ioannis Anastassakis, can easily search the web and find a vast amount of information. Ioannis is a bonafide virtuoso both on the electric and flamengo guitar and a well known teacher.That is why i turn to him in the first place. Although I have been studying with Ioannis only for a few months, there is already some improvement in my playing but most of all i know that now i am building my chops on solid ground.


When i first met Ioannis Anastasakis i was sure that i made the best choice . Two years studying with him and i still believe the same! He is a coach with amazing guitar skills and successful advices. But for me, the best thing about him is his incredible ability providing you the best exercises to improve your playing in a short period of time.



Ioannis knows how to make people learn to play the guitar and he knows it well. He is a true master at instantly recognizing the weak spots of his students and giving them just the right exercises to “fix” those spots. Personally, I think that the best thing about Ioannis is that you can blindly trust him and he will consistently lead you to become a better guitar player. It’s a feeling of caring, safety and security which I really appreciate.


My First Contact with Ioannis was a few years ago through his amazing instructional Book/DVD “60 Tapping Licks for Contemporary Rock & Metal Guitar”! I was totally amazed by how well thought-out and put-together the book was and how it helped me learn the Tapping Technique by myself, with just this book! I feel very fortunate to be his student for the past year and I find it almost unbelievable how much I have improved in the last few months.


I feel I can sincerely say that Ioannis is a perfect example of an excellent teacher. Our lessons are totally customized to address my musical needs & goals. I have been playing for many years and was always my own teacher, but Ioannis helped me put aside my ego and now I am progressing at a very fast pace. In every lesson, we go through each exercise in great detail, explaining each step thoroughly. I am certain I will learn much more from him and I can honestly say that under his wing and guidance I will definitely reach the level I want to be in playing guitar.


Ioannis is the coach who can really help anyone that wants to improve his guitar playing to the maximum! His efficient way of teaching and very well organized lessons can help you to unstuck from the intermediate level and “push” your playing to the next level. Also his excellent guidance through the years saved me years of wasted effort, many times over!





For your private coaching , you will be charged 99 $US for each month. Depending on your current skillset and your goals, the duration of your study can be as little as 6 months or several years. All materials and coach feedback are yours to use forever. This includes DAILY supervision of your practice with Ioannis Anastassakis. It also gets you lifetime access to the private Elite Guitar Coaching Members Community.


If you're not satisfied by the course after 14 days, you can request a full refund. We will ask to see the coursework you've completed to be sure that you've been following along with the program. Learning is a two-way street, after all!


Up to once per day you can send to Ioannis Anastassakis a video sample of your playing to assess and send you his personalized feedback on your performance. This wil be either an audio or video recording that will be prepared SPECIFICALLY for you in response to your video. 


You don't need to do anything before starting your private coaching. Your course will come with a clear outline of all the materials and all assignments. You may move faster or slower than the recommended pace if desired—just be sure to let your coach know if you're working on a different schedule than the outline so that you can get the most out of your materilas and feedback.